NoteBook Modular- The world’s first modular notebook with extreme flexibility

The white pages will be less and less, until there is nothing to write. What if we want to add pages, a binded notebook cannot increase the number of pages and if you want to add separate papers, you need to go to a store to buy. A notebook is important to our life, like our trusted partner. We write, record and draw. And sometimes we fumble. We try erasing, or most often rip it away. A torn notebook is really a mess. If the torn off pages contain important information, it will easily fall outside the notebook. But a new year brings new beginnings.

Introducing the notebook re-imagine-the NoteBook|Modular|


By simply adding or reducing papers when needed, maximum quantity of 100 with 50 on either side. If people go wrong with one, the paper could even be changed. Files can be placed in an order in your preference. Or numerically as you need.


By using standardize A4 papers makes it easy to find and create your personal notebook.


The magnets are embedded into the notebook cover, to protect your valued contents and papers.This ensures your flexible of paper usage in different orientations. It is very convenient to use the paper horizontally and vertically.

NoteBook|Modular| video

Without your support, Notebook Modular would only remain a dream. So, jump over to the Kickstarter and make pledge now to take this into further production.

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